ARCH-Syringe: Demo

The ARCH-Syringe is a revolutionary prefilled syringe that improves over the vial and syringe system making drug preparation easy and safe, at a competitive cost. In the ARCH-Syringe, the drug is stored in the cap of the syringe in a single or multiple constituent compartments, avoiding any contact with the syringe components until the time of use. At the time of use, the drug constituents are aseptically mixed and metered into the syringe for injection. The ARCH-Syringe is a flexible platform that can be customized to different product requirements.

The ARCH-Syringe may be equipped with different administration ends including a staked needle, a retractable needle, a Luer connector, and a leak free connector for a Closed Transfer System. The ARCH-Syringe can accommodate drug volume smaller than 0.5 ml and larger than 20 ml, and is adoptable to single dose applications and multi-dose bulk handling. Until the time of use the syringe’s piston is in a forward position allowing more efficient packaging than other prefilled syringes. In addition the ARCH syringe doesn’t require sterile overwrap, further contributing to packaging efficiency, as well as streamlining the injection procedure.

For products that require reconstitution, the ARCH syringe presents the simplest, most intuitive streamlined operation, avoiding any exposure or contamination risks as the preparation process is completed aseptically. In certain healthcare setting, the unique attributes of the ARCH-Syringe can reduce time and resources required for preparing drugs at the pharmacy.

For hazardous drugs such as cytotoxins, the ARCH syringe can integrate with Closed Transfer Systems avoiding expensive CSTD syringes or syringe adaptors. Between the aseptic drug preparation in the ARCH package and the inherent pressure equalizing of the package, the ARCH Syringe presents the safest, simplest and most cost-effective option for handling hazardous drugs.

For bulk handling, the ARCH system offer simple and safe process of preparing multiple prescriptions, facilitating workflow in the pharmacy.